Thursday, March 20, 2008

AR 50 Status

On Dec 31st I predicted I would have 550 miles in my legs from the 4 months leading into AR50.

As of March 20th I have 505 miles in the bank with 14 days to go. Based on my normal mileage, I should hit 550 miles right on the dot sometime the week before AR50. I have already started tapering due to some nagging back pain that I think might be Piriformis muscle pain, but my doctor seemed to think was a lower back injury. Going to get some sports massage and some PT in the next week to see if I can get the tweaks out.

I always wonder if a 2 week plus taper will leave me weak on race day, but I plan on doing a lot of cross training to counter that worry. I will get close to 100 miles on the bike this week in effort to insure I get some strong aerobic exercise. Nothing beats the bike for really hammering yourself in the ground without much worry about injury. I cant afford to push myself running like I really want to as injury is just around the corner. On a hill climb you can go so deep into the red that your going to die and you just cant do that running unless you want to blow your season.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sore Butt: aka Piriformis Syndrome

Managed to get injury #4 on my quest back into 50 miles. I felt great on Tuesday night and found myself running in the low 7 minutes w/o any distress. Decided to do a few fartleks in the 6:15 pace and felt great. Woke up with a sore butt. Doing my typical Google diagnosis, I found that I have: Piriformis Syndrom Going to take a few days off and chill out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How many college kids would sign up for a class on Ultrarunning?

A College Course in Ultrarunning Apparently some Professor at Lehigh University decided it would be a good idea back in 1996 to do this. Pretty kick ass class if you ask me. They have had a field trip to an Ultrarunning race where 5 students worked at an aid station. I got a special kick about the October 17th class where they discuss the teachers ultrarunning magazines.

I am also amazed that a link from 1996 actually worked.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

53 miles

Backed up last weeks 50 with 53 this week. Not sure I needed the last 3 miles, but hoping that the small pains I received tonight are transitory. Really surprised to hit two 50 mile weeks in a row. With less than 4 weeks to go for the AR50, I can only look at this as a positive. Shooting for two more weeks of solid running and then a two week taper.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Full Alameda Creek Trail

Alameda Creek Trail 100% at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:Share GPS tracks

Trip Stats
Duration: 3 hours, 59 minutes, 11 seconds
Length: 22.6 miles
Vertical up: 902.1 ft
Vertical down: 886.3 ft
Average speed: 5.7 mph

This run was fast for my AR goals, but I learned that the Inov8 are not meant for long runs as I felt really beaten up after 24 miles. No knee tweaks or pain, just beat up. Am going to run with the Brooks Addiction on race day as I think I need the extra support. I like the Inov8 up to maybe 13 miles.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Big 50

Needed 2.9 miles to get 50 for the week. Was not that motivated to run, but decided to head out the door. Ended up trolling the neighborhood and somehow miscalculated a bit and ended up at the house a bit short. Had to run up and down the street like an idiot to get my magic number. I remember doing this on an insane death ride where we had to hit 16,000 feet of climbing in 110 miles or so and had to climb up and down these little hills after 10 hours on the bike not fun. Only the truly insane can relate to this OCD behavior.

I think this is the first 50 mile week of running I can remember ever doing even when I was training for marathons a few years ago. I have done way more miles long distance hiking in a week, but this might be a record for running. Feels good to get it done with less than 5 weeks until the AR 50. I don't plan on hitting that high a number in the next 5 weeks.

50 Mile Pacing

My goal for AR50 is to embrace the 3/2 run/walk right from beginning and hopefully keep the same pace throughout the event. Based on Ultra running analysis of 24 hour track runners I pulled from some of the early 1980's Ultrarunning magazines I snagged on Ebay, they claim that slow and steady wins the race. Don Choi and other 24 hour legends used to bake in their walks immediately and keep a remarkably consistent pace for the entire 24 hours, only slowing down at the every end, if at all. I got the idea of 3/2 from one of these articles and I am going to see how it plays on AR50. It sounds extremely conservative to many I have talked to, but as the following analysis shows, you can follow this and finish well in the top 50% of the race. It would be possible to break 9 hours using this strategy and that time is very respectable. The following link has great advice on how to finish your first 50.

My main goal is to finish. However, I have secondary goals of breaking 11 hours and then a stretch goal of breaking 10. I will stick to the 3/2 throughout the whole run, however, and avoid any early surges because I am "feeling great", knowing how these can sabotage you later on. I am learning to love the walk/run methodology as the miles seem to fly by. I can eat really well during the two minute walking periods, plus I dont get really fatigued. One downside might be that their is an over-engineered mechanical side to this that might take one away from the flow that comes from the runners high. Will find out if I feel like a cog on a wheel after 40 miles, and if this really can work for the entire race. My long run is only 27 miles so far to this point.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Two Golf Courses

Byxbee, Shoreline, Two Golf Courses at EveryTrail

Trip Stats
Duration: 1 hours, 59 minutes, 18 seconds
Length: 11.0 miles
Vertical up: 600.9 ft
Vertical down: 596.2 ft
Average speed: 5.5 mph

Shooting for my first 50 mile week in my lead up to the AR50. I needed a nice 10-11 miler so I snagged my trusty running partner Duc for an easy 3 min/2 min run walk cycle with the goal of finishing it in 5.5 MPH or so. The miles flew by as we argued about work and we easily made my goal time running 11 miles in just under 2 hours. Painfully slow you might say, but when you consider that were walking 40% of those minutes, it really is a good pace.