The Big 50

Needed 2.9 miles to get 50 for the week. Was not that motivated to run, but decided to head out the door. Ended up trolling the neighborhood and somehow miscalculated a bit and ended up at the house a bit short. Had to run up and down the street like an idiot to get my magic number. I remember doing this on an insane death ride where we had to hit 16,000 feet of climbing in 110 miles or so and had to climb up and down these little hills after 10 hours on the bike not fun. Only the truly insane can relate to this OCD behavior.

I think this is the first 50 mile week of running I can remember ever doing even when I was training for marathons a few years ago. I have done way more miles long distance hiking in a week, but this might be a record for running. Feels good to get it done with less than 5 weeks until the AR 50. I don't plan on hitting that high a number in the next 5 weeks.


nrmrvrk said…
We almost blew off Montevina and ended the day with 13K instead of 15K. How lame would that have felt? 13K is just a death ride, 15K in 110mi is proper insanity.

Digging that deep was one of the best rides I've ever done. You deserve huge praise for even being able to throw together a ride that insane/awesome. I miss that stuff now that I'm only in shape to do 2700'/32 mi like I did today.