Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Totals

I met my goal of 100 miles this month even after smashing my hip. 120 miles may not sound like much for a month, but its the most I have done on 6 or 7 years. Pretty happy about it. Shooting for 135-140 in Jan, 150 in Feb, and 165-170 in March dropping me into the AR 50 with 550 miles in previous 4 months. Not earth-shattering mileage, but a solid base to lead me to a strong finish.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Picchetti Ranch and Stevens Canyon Park

PIcchetti Ranch and Stevens Canyon Park at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 53 minutes, 46 seconds
Length: 4.6 miles
Vertical up: 1271.1 ft
Vertical down: 1277.4 ft
Average speed: 5.1 mph

I decided to skip the winte tasting at Picchetti Ranch and go for a quick late afternoon 5 miler or so. I used my new inov-8 shoes for the first time and was happily surprised how comfortable they were and how much I enjoyed running in them. I ran down the Zinfandel Trail across nice open trail into a meadow and kept going through some really nice wooded section until I ran into the end of Picchetti Ranch park and into Stevens Creek County park. I kept going until I hit Stevens Canyon road and crossed. Pretty much followed the same way back. Felt great even with a nice fall that I took tripping over another root. The third fall in the last 3 months. Today's was not that bad and I quickly was back on my feet. I was pushing it pretty hard today and the legs felt really strong. Looking at about 120 miles this month which is a big uptick for me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ohlone Wilderness

ohlone wilderness at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 3 hours, 41 minutes, 46 seconds
Length: 13.1 miles
Vertical up: 3833.8 ft
Vertical down: 3833.8 ft
Average speed: 3.5 mph

Planned on running to Rose Peak which is the second highest spot in Alamada County, a few feet below Mt. Diablo in nearby Contra Costa County, along the Ohlone Trail in the Ohlone Wilderness. I made it about 7 miles and turned around a few miles short as I brought some really lousy socks that were tearing up my heels. Some how my good knee was in pain on the really steep descents after the turn-around. There is almost no flat on this trail and lots of really steep climbs and descents. It was fantastically beautiful out there today. I saw ZERO people in 3 + hours. Met quite a few nice cows along the way, however. I would like to do the Ohlone 50k some day and experience this entire area. That would be a tough run as this small section kicked my butt. I just did not have the mojo today. I could not tell if it was the steepness of the trail of the fact I had far too much roast beef for xmas dinner. Either or, I recommend this area for the sheer beauty of it. I have climbed Welch Creek road which is nearby on my road bike and that was always one of the toughest climbs you could do. I am always impressed that we have such wilderness so close to us considering how urbanized silicon valley is. We are truly lucky and many times take it for granted.

After scraping away the skin on my heels I decided to impulsively buy some Inov8 trail running shoes and socks. I bought the Inov-8 Flyroc 310 based on a few reviews I read. I liked the idea of them being lightweight as my montrail hardrocks feel a bit like frankenstein boots soaked in concrete. These shoes are way lighter and I will know soon if they work out, or end up in the garage in the junk bin. The good thing about running is the lack of gear you need. Coming form a few years of long distance cycling, it can cost a fortune keeping your bikes in good riding shape and dealing with the latest upgrade that you just have to buy. Buying a pair of shoes on impulse is nothing compared to the money pit of cycling. Hopefully it works out.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Got Indulgence delivered in the post today. Great hour long interview with the 2006 and 2007 Leaville 100 winner Anton Krupicka. Its inspirational seeing somebody so focused on something on his running as Krupicka and his hardcore minimalism and devotion to running is refreshing. If you like your heroes living like a vagrant and hanging out in their friends couches running 200 miles a week, Krupicka is your kind of guy and you should buy Indulgence. He comes off as really well grounded, smart, committed to his sport, and with a great sense of what Ultrarunning is (to him at least). His points about the 100 mile trail running talent pool as not currently cultivated is probably true. Would love to see this guy at Western States 100 and see how he would do. I liked his comments about Dean Karnazes in the bonus footage. He really trashes the media machine Karnazes has built around him with his "publicity stunts".

4/5 stars. Worth a buy for great footage of Colorado mountains and great insight from one of the young stars of the sport.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Wunderlich at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 1 hour, 55 minutes, 1 second
Length: 9.5 miles
Vertical up: 3911.1 ft
Vertical down: 3814.9 ft
Average speed: 5 mph

Did Wunderlich the first time in a quite a while. Took it at 2 minutes of running 1 minute of walking the whole way up and finished in just over an hour to get to Skyline. It felt really easy on the way up. I used to run the whole way in maybe 55-56 minutes, so being 5 minutes slower and so much more relaxed was nice. The way down my knee got a bit tired. Not hurting, but just slightly sore and tired. Did 50 miles in the last week of running/walking which is way more than I have done in many years. I might blow it if I don't take more rest. I can't go from nothing to 150-200 mile months this quick without probable peril.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Train Track Trauma

Train Tracks at EveryTrail

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Today's goal was to scope out the 1st stage of the Office to the Sea which is approximatley 4 miles of train-track running to avoid running on the road. Its kind of cool starting an epic journey to the ocean with 45 minutes of urban blight, graffiti and the occasional hobo, but there were a few times today that I was panicked a junk yard dog would attack us we ran were your really not supposed to be. While the initial run is a deserted train track, we eventually merged with the main Caltrain track which had speedy bullet trains whipping by at 80 MPH that made things a tad scary. On the way back we managed to get lost and take the normal Caltrain all the way back to Atherton. We have no idea how we got lost following a train track that required us to make one turn. I am starting to doubt my supposed good sense of direction as we are 0 for 2 on Office to the Sea training runs.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Office to the Sea

The 1st annual Office to the Sea will be start at 7:00 AM Friday January 11th, 2008. All comers are welcome to join. Meet at 4500 Bohannon Drive Menlo Park, CA at 6:55 AM.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Phleger and Huddart ... And getting Lost !

Phleger and Huddart ... And getting Lost ! at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 4 hours, 25 minutes, 28 seconds
Length: 16.9 miles
Vertical up: 3961.5 ft
Vertical down: 3963.1 ft
Average speed: 3.8 mph

Turned a nice 11 miler into 17 miles by getting lost in Phleger Estate Reserve and ending up at Huddart Park 10 minutes before dark. We had no choice but to run down Kings Mountain as we could not risk taking trails in the pitch black. It was an experience. Was having a fantastic run at Phleger which I have never been to. Really incredible trails, no people, and a great trail. How we got lost is still a mystery, but somehow we managed it. Not fun having to do 6 miles on the road, but we survived. Not sure my wife is too thrilled with my exploits, but hopefully I can work on that one this weekend.

Duc and I did this run in preparation for our E*trade to the Sea run in Jan. Planned on doing the Crystal Springs trail from Edgewood road into Phleger up Miramonontes Trail, Raymundo Trail, and Lonely Trail, but ended up doing a hell of a lot more. We even turned around 4/10 of a mile or so from Skyline as it was getting dark. Oh well. We know what to expect on our epic journey from the desk life to the Redwoods.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Edgewood Park

Edgewood Park at EveryTrail

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Nice run with Duc at Edgewood Park. Ran to Canada Road where it connects with the Crystal Springs Trail. Planning on connecting this run with Phleger Estate Preserver and up to Skyline to Purisma Reserve with goal of running the the coast from my Desk at E*Trade. "Office to the Sea".. Might need a better name. There is something epic about running from our desk to the ocean. Should be a tad under 30 miles.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Good Weekend


Walked 17 miles with 1.5 miles or so of running sprinkled in this weekend. This was way more than I could have hoped for. Saw Yiannis Kourous DVD Forever Running. Very inspiring DVD. This guy is the most hardcore UltraRunner I have ever seen and his descriptions of how success comes from the mind were amazing. It was surreal watching him on his porch that overlooks a graveyard. He considers that view inspiring as were all going to die and he seeing the gravestones gets him out of bed and running. Very intense. Watching this DVD added 6 miles to my day today. "The verb ‘endure’ is not a physical verb, it's a spiritual one. Endure means to withstand…you must be patient and then do solid training. Without patience, you will never conquer endurance." Yiannis Kouros

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hip Injury Update

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I fell hard on my left hip at Arastradero Preserve. Am going to wait another week to make sure I dont end up in some injury spiral. I plan on walking 8 miles one way or another this weekend. My pathetic average of 40 miles a month the last 3 months due to injury is going to really start hurting my chances unless I can break through and get some good training going.