Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Race Across Oregon 2009 Photos

RAO Photos Tx much to Jason for taking these. Takes me back to the fun and the pain ;)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bike Set Up for Hoodoo 500 Voyager

Having never set up or used Panniers, its been a bit of a learning experience to figure out what to get. Met some nice people at the Los Altos Bike Outfitter, but they really had no clue what a good set up would be for a modern road bike without eyelets. I did a bit of research and have settled for the Axiom Streamliner Road Rack based on the fact that it was designed for road bikes w/o eyelets. The price was shockingly cheap at $25.00 on Amazon, which is less than a quarter of what I might have picked up at the shop today. This will be critical to a successful Voyager ride and I hope I can figure out a light and solid solution pretty quickly.

Going to do a night ride tonight. Harwood, Hicks Both Sides, Reynolds Road, BlackBerry, Aztec Ridge, Black Road, Soda Springs, MonteVina and Bohlman. Should be a nice little ride. I wanted to load up the panniers for specific Hoodoo Voyager training, but will have to wear a heavy backpack instead.

Ended up only doing Harwood, Hicks both sides, Reynolds, Aztec Ridge, Blackberry and Bohlman. Next time will add Montevina and Black. Nice ride and a warm night.