Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old La Honda Time Trial

Could tell my form is coming in pretty good based on resting heart rate hitting new lows for me this morning of 38. What better way to see how things are going then to take on the 20 minute barrier on Old la Honda. I took it really easy on the way to the climb and made sure I had a large bottle of sugar free Red Bull drank along the way. Caffeine is my drug and I needed to insure that I had enough in me for this painful test. I was resigned to my fate as I approached hell and serene at the start. Taking off form the bridge, I was holding 14+ mph for about 30 seconds until I settled into 10-11 MPH and did not drop below 10 MPH until after 3 minutes. Was moving well and hit the 12% ramp at 9 1/2 minutes in or so. I was not able to hold 10 MPH until I hit the dark redwood section and was able to push hard until Upenuf which is near a tough little ramp that slows you down. I had to push hard until the 3 mile mark which I hit it 18:14. It was weird knowing that I had .3 miles to go and I had 1:46 to do it. This was new territory for me and sensing this I pushed hard up to 12 MPH. I think in retrospect, if I knew how close I was I might have went into death mode and pushed it at 13-14 because I could tell at the last turn to the end I was just going to miss it. I always imagine when on a tough time trial having an insane monster chasing me and pushing to the point that I would rather give in and get eaten by this monster than keep pushing any more. I relented to the beast and stopped at 20:15. Close, but not quite there. Will have to try later on this season after a bit more work. More OLH Results

Also found a new road off of Portola Road. Hang a turn onto Hayfields Road if you want 400+ feet of 15% climbing. Wayside which is the next road over looks like an even longer one.

Update:  Did Old La Honda in 19:12 according to Strava.   Pretty happy to finally put this one to bed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

DMD Finished

DMD Results

Took 15:50. Looks like the winner was 12 hours and change. I started off very strong and was 4 mins behind 5 AM leaders at top of Diablo in 1:42. Hit Morgan Territory in about 3:35 averaging about 15.5 MPH and was again a few mins behind leader. A flat on Altamont took some wind out of my sails and got passed by a lot of people, but I got back moving and hit Mines at 11:20. I felt a bit sick climbing MInes, but somehow recovered and pulled in to lunch about 1:05; I quickly left lunch without something very important, my water bottles. About 3.5 miles down the road I looked down and saw empty cages and starting cussing. This guy looked at me and took off and I went back. Nothing like 10.5 bonus miles in 85 degree heat for a morale boost. I triied to stay positive and kept moving well. I hit the base of Hamilton at maybe 2:15 or so. I did not fly up like my training ride but managed to hold 5-6 MPH the entire way. My bike computer showed 99 degrees in direct sun light. It might have been 85 in the shade, but it was hot, and I was popping enduralytes like a junkie 2 and 3 at a time as soon as a cramp started. I sucked on the desecent of Hamilton like usual and had the dreaded stomach ache as I dropped down. Feeling lousy at Crothers. I left at around 4:30 for the dreaded demon of Sierra. I was feeling horrendous and had to stop a lot climbing this hill. At about 2 miles into the climb I had a recovery of sorts and was able to pedal to the end. I left the Pet the Goat at 5:45 PM and felt much better as it started to cool down. I actually was enjoying the ride more and listening to the iPod and cruised into Sunol. I had some Chili and left at 7 PM. The ride down Niles was not as bad as usual and I hit Palomares and started climbing easy. i got a great burst of energy and stated ripping hard up the hill passing many people I wanted to get to the descent before dark and I managed to do it. What a relief being able to see the road. i hooked up with a few guys and worked over towards Crow Canyon. What a horrible road at night. Lukily we hit Norris and I was feeling really good and took off from the 3 guys I was with and pedaled hard up that hill. The descent was nice and I pulled into the end with at time of 15:50.

218 Miles
15:03 riding time
47 minutes off the bike
14.5 MPH riding
19783 feet of Climbing
10900 Calories Burned
15:50 Total Time

Great day and definetely the toughest day on the bike for me. This was way harder than last years Terrible Two for me. My fast start plus the heat bonk tore me a new one. I wanted to quit badly up Sierra, but managed to suffer through to the end.

A huge shout out to Martin Brooks for finishing this as his first double. He started riding in November after years off and started riding the local hills in prep for DMD. To finish this as your first double is an amazing feat!

The Central Coast Double is only two weeks away. Time to get in a few tune ups and hopefully some hard fast climbs in. Would like to really see if I can hang near the front of this ride and pick up a few hours over 3 years ago.

Friday, April 03, 2009

DMD South

Started at base of Sierra Rd. Took me 31 minutes or so to summit. Got to the Calaveres wall at 51 minutes. Fought a strong side wind into Sunol which I hit at 1:45. The cut over to Mines road was down wind and I easily held 22-24 MPH. I got really lucky with a tail wind up Mines Road and it took me 1:38 or so from the DMD Mines road rest stop to the Junction. This would have put me in the 12:30 DMD finishers range so clearly, I was feeling good and I had a nice tail wind. I managed to hold 15.11 MPH between Mines rest stop and the Junction which was pretty insane. I never saw as many hard-core red necks in CA as I saw in the Junction today. I am sure they appreciated my spandex. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the bridge at the base of Hamilton and 45 minutes to summit Hamilton. This time was also in the 13:00 hour range of finishers for DMD. My pedestrian descent of a bit less than an hour to Crothers was no where near the top guys. Not surprising there. I ran in as hard as I could to the car holding 20-24 for most of it. What a ride. I could hold with the top tier of the DMD if the ride was 107 miles. What happens when I have to ride 100 more miles? We shall see.

One cool thing was it took me 3:15 to ride from the beginning of Mines road to the Summit of Hamilton which is about 46 miles or 14.15 MPH. The views at the top of Hamilton were amazing, especially when cranking Hendrix live jams. Managed to hit his Star Spangled version jam and got insanely happy for a few minutes. I had a fit of happiness as I descended Hamilton ;)

Nobody will believe this, but I was not passed ONCE by a car from the Junction to Alum Rock Road. 40+ miles and not one car passed me. I saw cars going the other way, but avoided getting passed that whole way. Cycling nirvana.

107 Miles
15.66 Moving
10 minutes or so off the bike
9300 feet of climbing