Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ultrarunning Magazine Treasure Trove

Won an auction on Ebay with classic Ultrarunning magazines from (June 81 - Dec 83) 23 issues in all. Classic write-ups of the WS 100, American River 50, Wasatch 100 in 82 with zero finishers are great reads. The hard men and women from the early 80's when the sport was in its infancy blow me away. In one of the 1981 issues they had a formula showing how fast you had to run to break time goals. The slowest time they had for the 50 miler was a 8:30 time. Guess nobody ran slow 50 milers back in those days. Being the days when the average marathoner ran 3:15, I can see how an 8:30 50 miler was extremely slow. I will add more nuggets as I read these article. I consider this a huge find that would be hard to beat. These are really scarce and I am lucky to find them and get a great window on the golden age of US UltraRunning.

I am planning on running a marathon tomorrow on the Alameda River Trail in Fremont. The goal is to stick to strick 3/2 run walk with 9:00-9:30 min/mile running and 15:00 min/mile walking. This should get me a marathon in sub 4:45 or so. I will bring 1250 calories of Perpetum to see how I hold up. Run Report to come.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jan Totals

Feeling that nagging tightness in the left knee. It is not a terrible pain, more of a tightness that is worsened by running on the pavement. I am well at pace to make my 132 miles this month which is right on target. I will try and take it easy this next week to get this knee tiredness cleared up.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Office to the Sea

Office to the Sea at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 6 hours, 15 minutes
Length: 26.9 miles
Vertical up: 3862.2 ft
Vertical down: 3895.3 ft
Average speed: 4.32 mph

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Starting out at the Office at 7:15 or so we took for the great urban jungle through parts unknown towards the ultimate goal, the Pacific Ocean. Running along the graffiti covered ruined old trains in the deep fog was interesting. It was pretty smooth sailing into the end of Stage 1 of this run which was the Peets Coffee on Broadway. Got a decent Cappucino and high-tailed it for the hills.

Stage 2 was from Peet's to Edgewood Park. It was pretty easy running through Redwood City up to Edgewood Road. The run along Edgewood Rd. has a lot of traffic making it less than ideal running. You would never choose to run it, unless you had to piece together a big event like this, but overall not bad and over quick. We pulled into Edgewood Park and stupidly I forgot where the water was. Duc sweats more than any man on Earth so it was imperative that we got some water. We found a quiet house near Edgewood park and took some water from them. Felt like a jerk doing it, as the probably hate rude runners like us, but we got our precious water unscathed and began climbing up Edgewood Park.

We crossed under 280 and started running on Crystal Springs Trail. Not an inspiring trail, as much of it is 20 feet from Hwy 280, but it is a key artery that takes you into the Phleger Reserve. It was still foggy in the lower parts of Phleger as we hit the Miramontes Trail and came upon some really steep sections. Turning left at Lonely Trail you head up to Skyline.

Many parts of this trail are very steep. Near the top the sunlight was breaking through the fog and it created a dreamlike environment. It seemed to take forever to get to the top. We were reduced to a slow hike up the steep trail until finally we hit Skyline and grabbed some water at the deserted King's Mountain Fire Station.

The next stage called for us to find Purisma Creek Trail and run the 4.1 miles down to the Higgins Purisma Road. It's quite a wide easy descent near Purisma Creek and the creek had a good amount of water moving down it due to recent rains. Duc and I were plodding down the hill and the 4 miles went by in a flash.

The last stage was to take us running up Higgins Purisma Road and down to Hwy 1. Note to self, just because a road is easy on a bike, remember this does not apply to running. This section took quite a while and was 4 hard miles of road running until we hit Highway 1. We crossed Hwy 1 and ended up in a frog filled bog trying to find our ways to the beach. After managing to escape the bog, we ran down a trail and dropped to the Ocean. The first annual Office to the Sea ended in a success.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Office to the Sea

Tomorrow at 7 AM. All comers welcome ;) Should be a lot of downed trees to fight on the Lonely Trail near Skyline. Going to be a blast.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fremont Older/Stevens Creek Park

Fremont Older/Stevens Creek Park at EveryTrail

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Duration: 2 hours, 44 minutes, 29 seconds
Length: 10.2 miles
Vertical up: 2769.3 ft
Vertical down: 2792.9 ft
Average speed: 3.8 mph

Ran after huge storm the previous day and evening. We found tons of deep mud, downed trees, and over-all rough trail running conditions. It took us an awful long time to run 10 miles, but it was nice in there was not one other person on the trails. My left achilles is a bit sore and my hamstring was tight on the run. I amm blaming this on the muds impact to my stride. Was fun watching Duc eat honey out of plastic bag. He hates the taste of GU so he is running with honey. I need to give him a GU flask at least so he does not have to deal with a messy plastic bag of honey.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sawyer Camp Trail

Sawyer Camp Trail at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 2 hours, 18 minutes, 39 seconds
Length: 11.7 miles
Vertical up: 1474.5 ft
Vertical down: 1474.5 ft
Average speed: 5.1 mph