Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RAAM 2011

Starting to mentally prepare for RAAM solo in 2011. There never really has been a choice for me. This has been something I have been preparing to do for a long time. I am imagining a RAAM lite experience with two cars with 2-3 people running 12 hour shifts. Lots of time to determine the logistics I guess.

http://www.kaisercycling.com/racebudget.html Nice simple cost breakdown of a bare bones RAAM that I would like to follow. I wonder if 2 cars would be that risky? Having 3 seems like more of a headache to me. I was watching the 2006 RAAM documentary and saw how Jonathan Boyer was able to win with 1 vehicle from Kansas after a roll-over accident. I guess 3 cars is a good insurance policy.