Mid Sole Cleat Position for Ultras

At the start of Race Across the West I road with champion Dani Wyss and noticed he had some pretty funky shoes.   Found out that he uses a mid sole cleat position and that he uses Biomac custom shoes made in Germany.     Doing some more reading I found out that not only Dani, but many other RAAM stars including Gulewicz use a mid foot cleat position.      Joe Friel, one of the leading cycling coaches is  also a proponent and lays out many of the pros and cons in this article.     I used to have horrible hot foot on double centuries until I moved my cleats as far back as possible.   Now the hot foot is almost completely gone.  I also used to have way more Achilles heel issues in the past and felt zero issues on RAW with my cleats back.  To be clear, my cleats as far back as possible on my S-Works shoes is in  no way as radical a position that the people above are advocating.     Many people talk about drilling an old pair of shoes to test this out.  I will try this out, but it is supposedly difficult to drill a 3 bolt pattern required for Look cleats.  

I have an inquiry to Germany for the Biomac shoes to find out the cost.  I hear they are not cheap!

Interview with mid sole position innovator Gotz Heine.