Grocery Outlet Loaded with Cheap Cycling Fuel

Picked up Power Bel Gels at 3 for a buck.   The cheapest you can normally find them is a little under a buck a piece.  Also picked up a crazy deal of 24 x 200 calorie Individually packed Fig Newton bars for $2.50 or ten cents a piece.  1972 prices.    Being a fan of fig newtons on rides, this is pretty cool.  They had a ton of other energy bars.  I am going to head back there and load up on a bunch of the fig newtons as I might be able to get enough bars for the rest of the year for 20 bucks.

The Fig Newtons work out to 19.2 calories a cent.  The maltodextrin/fructose bulk mixture is approximately 13.6 calories a cent.    Heed was 1.75 calories per cent last time I checked and the Power Bar Gel I got for 3 for a dollar works out to 3.33 calories a penny.    Since I am not a believer in magical elixers that energy bar companies claim and they are pretty much all similar in fueling you, its time to run back down and score more of those fig newtons!