508 Stuff

Fly Over of 508 Click on the 3D link to get newly released google maps flyby feature.   My plan for the 508 is set.  250 Max Avg watts on the climbs and a low of 210 watts for the flats and rollers.    250 watts will feel easy at the beginning, but will be about all I can do later on at Townes pass and further.  Holding 210 on the flats in the TT bike will keep me moving quickly.   This should keep things moving and keep me out of trouble and not trying to keep up with the truly fast riders or the pretenders which I should hopefully start scooping up as the night moves on.  Who knows.   Had a great hard ride on Saturday that felt too good.   I wonder if I should have saved it for the race?   Hit the TT today for 45 minutes today and felt ok.  Always feel a cold coming on during race week, but taking it easy this week to keep it at bay.   Packed 40 baggies of maltodextrin and fructose and the place looked like one Pablo Escobar's hide-outs.   Scales, powder, baggies all on the table and powder everywhere.  Nobody was knocking on the door looking for a hit though.  I guess thats ok.  

Good luck to everybody racing.  Should be alot of fun.