Another new year means new goals. I want to do the Triple Crown Stage Race and finish off the year with a solo Furnace Creek 508. I had planned on doing RAW , but not good timing for me this year. I might have to wait until I have enough time to commit to RAAM even if its in a few years as I still want to give that a shot.

Ended up 2010 with 6732 miles and 354,000 feet of climbing. This was the first year I averaged 15 MPH, but my climbing was a bit down, so maybe thats why. 2010 was a good year and I would like to keep improving. Been working with a much longer stem (110mm) on the rain bike and getting used to a more agressive position. It sure feels better descending, but tougher on the neck and back.

My first goal is to break 14 hours on Devil Mountain Double. I think its possible, but it will take a perfect day. My fuel last year was not as dialed now for a long ride like this and I think the maltodextrin/fructose home brew will take me over the top. Today's ride up Mt. Hamilton was good for Jan. I started out hard and ended up slowing down for a 1:45 time which is ok for Jan. Was shooting to break 1:40, but not bad. I always thought my descents on Mt. Hamilton were bad, but Strava showed me today that I was only 3 minutes behind their top 10% with my 56 and change descent today. Great having data to know this as I dont see too much poing in pushing beyond the comfort zone to drop 3 minutes.


nrmrvrk said…
Give me a shout when you're putting together your 508 crew. There's an outside shot I could come down for that.
Chris O'Keefe said…
will do!