Off to Salt Lake

Heading to Carson City. The thought of riding there seems a bit daunting, but based on the doubles and longer I have done, its not that hard. It just seems long based on memories of driving there so many times over a life time. Looking forward to the descent over Carson Pass in a 14 hours or so. The ride through the valley is actually nice if you can time it right. Early in the AM, you get a feeling of what it may have been like when John Muir did his famous walk from San Francisco to Yosemite. To me, nothing beats leaving your house and riding across the Bay and weaving your way into the Sierras and managing to make it to the top of the pass in the same day. We live in a big state, but its not that big on a bike.

The ride across Nevada on Hwy 50 "The Loneliest Hwy in America" should be a challenge. Multiple sections are 70+ miles between services, so the camelbak will be in play. The section from the Nevada border into Delta Utah is especially remote with nothing at all for almost 90 miles.


nrmrvrk said…
Good luck Chris. I hope to join you on a ride like that some day.