Hoodoo 500 4 weeks away

Did Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge today in about 6:20 riding time for 100/11000 which felt pretty good. I started a bit after 6:30 and was the second or 3rd guy in, which surprised me, but I never really saw anybody all day. I expected a peleton to pass me, but it was like I was in a break away all day. Good ride. Jamison Creek TT was fun. Did that in about 25 minutes which felt ok as I did not over-cook the effort. The climbing felt pretty easy today over all. Left knee a bit sore by end, which sucked. Hopefully this goes away. Feeling good for the Hoodoo Voyager. Very tough competition this year.

Sean Nealy, the ex-pro and last years winner will be very tough. Russell Stevens was 3rd in DMD and is super strong. Joel Sothern did the solo Hoodoo in 33 hrs and change and owns the 50+ year record for solo. Rick Jacobson was first finisher in Eastern Sierra double and was 5th or 6th in the Triple Crown Stage Race this year. Steve La Chaine is tough and riding well having done 1200 miles in July. Its great the voyager is drawing such tough competitors. Its such a mental game for the Voyager anything can happen. Somebody might have a great day and throw down 34 hours or less this year I think. I just want to finish. I dont care about what time I take. I dont want another DNF. If I am feeling good, I can push it, but I need to remember the race does not begin until Loa, mile 270.


marcus said…
Good luck. I too will be at the HooDoo 500, but not as a Voyager. This will be my first attempt at a ride that is longer than 250 miles.
Chris O'Keefe said…
Great race to go beyond 250. Good luck out there. Just remember the race does not begin until Loa.