Race to Salt Lake

I want to do something hard this summer and have a few days free to do it. After a lot of thought, I have decided on riding from my house to Salt Lake City. I am looking for something that will be a good test for the Hoodoo 500 Voyager. Also want to go somewhere far away that will be memorable. Salt Lake City also is a good pick as it is 860 miles away with 32,000 feet of climbing which is the same as the Race Across the West. I want to see if I can do this in the same 90 hour cut off period as RAW to see how a Voyager ride of that distance feels. The first day the goal is to hit Carson City. 233 miles/12000 feet. Plan on leaving the house by 3 AM and getting in by 10 PM. The route will work its way through the central valley to Hwy 88 and climb hwy 88 and drop over Carson Pass and into Carson City. The following days will take Hwy 50 across Nevada. I have been scouting out the water situation and it looks doable. Lots of people tour this route, but the pace I want to go could make things interesting. I would like to do 200 miles the second day and 3rd day and end up with 150 or so into Salt Lake City the 4th finishing somewhere just under 90 hours. I might have a buddy even crazy enough to try this, assuming he does not get too freaked out before we start.

I have been thinking that a Voyager Style RAAM ride is something that would be interesting to do. This is a small taste of what that might be like. Race There was talk a while back of a Voyager style Race Across America, but it died down. I wonder if anybody has ever ridden across the US in 2 weeks solo crashing in the occasional motel and eating whatever they could find along the way?


nrmrvrk said…
Kinda jealous here. Riding to Yosemite was a blast. I miss those days. Good luck and have fun!
Chris O'Keefe said…
Since were riding to the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, we have to wear long pants, shirts and ties. Would not be right to miss this detail I think.