DMD Training Update

1225 Miles/840: 146% of goal Miles
72950/7600: 96% of goal Climbing

Things are going well with DMD training and the ride less than 2 weeks away. I know what I need to do on each piece of the ride and am hoping for a breakout performance. The speed required to break 14 hours or better is not that amazing, the real challenge is piecing together all the segments, riding smart and properly fueling so you don't have a bad section that ruins the day. Its a little over 90 minues to the top of Diablo, about 1:45 to the top of Morgan Territory, a touch over 2 hours to the Mines Rest stop, 90-100 minutes to the Junction, 45-50 minutes to the base of Diablo, another 40-45 minutes to climb back side of Hamilton, 50 minutes or so to Crothers, 15 minutes to the base of Sierra, 30-35 minutes to climb SIerra, 5 minutes to the Goat, 15 more to the base of the Calavares wall, 40 minutes from their to Sunol, and an easy 90 minute ride in to the end. Simple to break 13 hours right? ;) Any of these segments are doable fresh Any 3-5 combined are doable in good shape, but when you add them all up, anything and everything can go wrong and this is what separates the top riders from the average ones.

In the end, its all about having a good time, at least thats is what I pretend to tell myself ;) I think I know how to piece together a solid day, but will the inevitable rough patch smack me hard? The massive cramps that knock you off the bike like you were shot by snipers? I expect them, and am hoping I can fight them off.

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