DMD Training Update

My goal was to get 4 times the climbing and miles of DMD between late Feb and race day. Right now I stand at:

316.5/840 Miles 37.68%
19000/76000 Feet 25%

I was a moderate maniac this morning and left the house at 4:30 AM to climb Page Mill and drop into Portala State Park for a cool 5000 feet morning. Did not run into a single car on Page Mill or the other side (Big Surprise at that time of morning), but it was good to get this ride in. This is the critical time for Devil Mountain Double where if I dont get in some good miles, that ride is not going to go well like last year. I feel undertrained, but think fitness will be around the corner if I keep doing what I did today. I am slightly heavier at this time compared to last year and can feel it. Maybe 6 pounds or so. Need to get more hard-core on the eating front.

Sadly enough, I think performance improvement would be better losing 10 pounds and riding 400 miles in a 3 month period versus riding 1500 miles and staying the same weight. Weight is where its at for riding hills and most of my improvements last year were from dropping in the 180's. Not too far away, but its never easy.