Devil Mountain Double 8 1/2 weeks away

Been a little less hard core in 2010 than 2009 to this point, but hoping I can still find smart ways to improve over next year. I am going to put out a goal of breaking 15 hours this time. Looking back at last years results DMD Rider Stats and comparing to these stats, I road an almost perfect ride into the Junction where I made a stupid mistake and ended up adding 10 extra miles due to forgetting water bottles. I was well with in the the 15:00 Hr time band to this point, but I really went down hill between the Junction and Crothers dropping to the 18 hour finishers due to this mistake as well as as over-heating on back-side of Hamilton. I lost about 30 minutes due to this mistake.

Assuming I dont do this again and avoid a flat like last year, and add in some cooler weather (were due after man hot years in a row), sub 15 is not impossible for me. The real challenge will to sharpen up the fitness from now until then. I did my local Time Trial trying to beat off this nasty cold and it took me 30:00 flat which was 40 seconds off my record. I think my climbing is ok, but will get in some hard pushes up OLH and Montebello soon to make sure.

My plan is to ride 4 X the mileage and altitude gain from now until the race for prep. I need to get 840 miles and 76,000 feet of climbing in the next 8 weeks.