Old La Honda Low Key Hill Climb

Results 52 people broke 20 minutes today. A pretty deep pool of local talent to say the least inhabits the Bay Area. I am happy with my time of 21:24. I have to work on this one to drop it down under 20. Chris Phipps crushed it in 15:37 which seems almost inhuman. This event was masterfully put on. They really did a great job in organizing almost 200 people and managed to get results up incredibly fast. Hopefully I can do a few more of these this Fall. Next week is Tunitas Creek, Starr Hill and Swett Road. Would be nice to do a standard coast ride as a warm up.

For the hell of it, I tried Montebello the day after this OLH LKHC. I did 36:02 which is my PR, but still disappointing as I could not break 36. I thought it was a lock, but I was just a little too relaxed to bust it.


nrmrvrk said…
Those bottles were slowing you down. You could have dropped one of them off at the start and probably saved 5 seconds on the climb. :)
Mike said…
Good times, eh?

I'm glad to see that my times on these hills aren't too far behind yours. That means that I'm almost on track... ;)

The 508 was indeed brutal. I dropped out at mile 276. I only wish I'd known that the weather wasn't going to be so bad all the way home... It's rather demoralizing going 23 miles in 6 hours!