Race Across Oregon Coming up

Taking off in a few days. Did a crazy hill sprint ride with Martin up Aztec Ridge and Blackberry Hill that ended up getting us 4,000 feet of climbing in 15 miles. I could not even attempt to sprint up the top of Blackberry Hill which we did 3 times. It was pretty damn painful, but hard which made it great. Not sure if this is an ideal taper, but who really knows the secret to success in ultracycling. Not sure what my strategy will be, but I am figuring on some aggressive riding next weekend. No need to leave anything on the table.


mthead said…
good luck and read this. I ran into some lightning up in Central Oregon last weekend. One bolt so close I nearly jumped off my bike. I chose "haul ass" (see article) and then my father-in-law came up the road and drove me home...:

mthead said…
doh! wrong link. Try this:

Chris O'Keefe said…
Damn. I will have to watch it closely as there is rain in the forecast Saturday night!