Terrible Two on Saturday

Been resting up hard this week for a full onslaught of the Terrible Two on Saturday. Going to leave it all on the road since this is the last hard ride before Race Across Oregon. I love the TT and its something I always look forward to. I plan on staying in the top 10% out to the base of Geysers so I can take advantage of some drafting. After this, its up to you to race to Skaggs and hopefully summit w/o cramping or suffering too hard. The key will be the right music for Skaggs. Last year I found out that the Grateful Dead works well on Skaggs. Have no idea why, but I plan on making sure I have some jams lined up. I have some crazy ideas in my head about what is possible on Saturday from a time perspective, but we all know that the main goal is to finish. I cant sully a fine blog entry with stupid egotistical blatherings. When it comes down to it, I will be thinking of RAO and not to worried about what happens on Saturday.

Terrible Two Time: 13:48


nrmrvrk said…
I'd love to read your write up on the TT and AA. I'll call you on Friday eve. to get the scoop either way.