RAO Screencast

Have always wanted to use Google Street View to create a simulation of riding along the road. I saw a great example of this Golden Gate Screencast and wanted to try it. I downloaded a 30 day copy of Camtasia and was able to easily build a test one. If one had a lot of time to sit and click, I guess you could do the entire RAO. It would be great if somebody figured out how to automate this. It might take as long to do an entire screencast of the RAO then to ride the thing.

I did Page Mill on the way home today in 46:10 which felt pretty good. Was nice and cool which made the ride a lot less painful. Going to do the Western Wheelers 100K on Sunday, but need to be back by 9 AM. I will take off at 3:30 AM to test out the lights as well as practice for next weeks Alta Alpina Double that will start at the same time. How will 20,000 feet of climbing feel? This is the first time I have attempted it in a single day.