Alta Alpina Double

8 climbs, 20,400 feet total, 200 miles made for an epic day in the saddle. I was thinking that this would be pretty easy, as its just the Death Ride plus 5,000 feet and 65 miles. But the reality is that this is the Death Ride with 5,000+ feet of extra climbing. We had a bit of snow, rain, and freezing cold to throw in the mix to make this day stand out even more. My partner forgot his gloves and I had to ride w/o them and got the ultimate field test of Bar Mitts.

More later


Mike Deitchman said…
Nice job, dude! I can't wait to read the full report... I did my own little version. 1/4 the distance with 6300 feet of climbing. Probably one of your standard training routes...

See you in Oregon!