Central Coast 220 Miler

According to the CCD website, the ride is up to 220 miles due to some last minute road closures. Nothing like a 350K ride to really test your mettle. True to form, the weather will be 90 degrees on Saturday as well. This will make for great Race Across Oregon training. I have some illusions of finishing higher up in the standings than I did on the Devil Mountain Double, but going to play it hour by hour and see how things go. With my bling white tires I better put in a decent showing, or I will hang my head in shame. f I only had white handle bar tape, seat and shoes I could really expose true riding self to the world. Oh well. White tires is enough for now. There is one really strong set of endurance riders here. I can see 10-15 names I recognize from various ultras and doubles that will make this a pretty competitive day on the sharp end of the ride. My main goal is to try and hang near the front until Nacamiento and then see what happens after this hill. Its a fantastic climb and I am really looking forward to it. The last time I did this ride in 2006, Jason and I were near the end of the pack and they ran out of food. Jason did not appreciate the hot dogs they offered him being a vegetarian at that time of his life. We will see if things are any better this time.


nrmrvrk said…
Did not appreciate the crap food that was left when we rolled in to the finish. The 30+ miles between water stops on a 95F+ day were harsh. No ice, and no water for 30 miles in that kind of heat... It was no surprise to see people getting hurt out there. How hard is it to go to the Terrible Two or DMD/Knoxville and see how a good race director puts on a ride and copy some of their ideas? Organizationally, CCD was a joke in 2006. I hope it's gotten better.