Attacking the Hills

Had the kind of day where the tough hills felt easy. Black Road with Gist option went really well, then Alba felt like a breeze. We pushed hard up the last hill of the day Mountain Charlie and nailed it. My pulse was dropping in the 80's on the descents indicating form is coming. I also noticed that I could microburst on the climbs up hammering up to a tree 100 feet ahead and then quickly recovering before doing it again. It was a good day. The main question, is how do you time a good day? It seems the last two big rides on my calendar I showed up nervous and could not get the heart below 100 on the early descents and I felt moderately ill, yet I could not determine if it was really something wrong, or just nerves. It must be just experience and realizing that you cant control all the variables in this game. Even though I had 4 flats, it was a nice day. I felt bad keeping Mike and Loren waiting as I changed them. We even had to make a special stop in Scott's Valley to hit a bike shop to load up on more tubes. Needless to say I am tossing out the offending tire. Typically, we were stopped for a autograph by the tifoso in Boulder Creek. Since my partners Levi and Freddy signed, I gave in. Gotta keep the fans happy I guess.

75 miles
7800 feet of Climbing


nrmrvrk said…
4 flats!? That shatters my record of 3 on a ride. You're so competitive. ;) Sounds like a great ride. I saw Mike's tweet about the tifosi and figured you were Hincapie to his Freddy.

How is Mike's climbing coming? Must be getting better to thrown down a hard day like that with 75/7800.
Chris O'Keefe said…
haha.. thats the worst challenge to win. For some reason, we seemed to take it in stride as the record was smashed.. That white tire is heading toward the land-fill!
Anonymous said…
nice riding with you Chris. I wish I could have stayed with you on the last half of Mountain Charlie. Levi just doesn't have that extra gear. Hope I get to ride with you again.

Chris O'Keefe said…
Haha. Was fun as hell cranking up Mtn. Charlie. To be honest, thats one of the best I have ever felt on a climb. No matter what, we will surely take on the Low Key Hill Climb series this fall. Time to jump in the deep end and suffer hard ;)
mthead said…
Freddy is looking forward to taking some bonus sprint points on the road. was a good ride though, not sure why but I like MT Charlie a lot too, must be that flat technical section at the top