Fun Climb Today

Managed to climb up Montebello Road today and actually sort of enjoy it. It is usually a massive suffer-fest, but I purposely kept it chilled and was surprised to see a good time of 36:30 when I was done. Clearly the form is starting to catch hold. Its probably the best shape I have had for this time of the year. I need to figure out how to hold it for the next few weeks. It was cool leaving the house and riding to the top of the mountain in "Mountain View" and turning around and getting home in less than 2 hours. Other than a howling rear wheel, it was a great day ;)

DMD Update since March 1st:

Miles 340.6
Avg Speed: 15.38
Climb: 20170

For some inspirational climbing, check out this video. Gotta make the trip some day and try it.

Ryder Hesjedal :: Haleakala Attempt from Media One Multimedia on Vimeo

Just watched the Tirreno Adriatico stage that ended on the Montelupone. Over 20% climb. We need the Tour of California to have a mountain top finish. If they have these kinds of stages in Paris Nice and Tirreno Adriatico, its time for us to turn it up a bit.

Also broke the record for Page Mill on Sunday with a time of 46:55. Pretty cool to bust the record on Montebello on Saturday and Page Mill on Sunday. My time of 22:30 on Old La Honda on Thurs was a record as well, but I stopped for 30 seconds or so I would not go into a seizure after pushing the pace over 10 MPH for over 2 miles ;) I cant count that record officially. Great week. No off to Atlanta to lose all my training ;(


nrmrvrk said…
That knocks me out of another top spot for the LLCC rankings. I could only muster 37 min flat on Montebello the last time I climbed it. Nice.

Great video, and agreed that we need a summit finish or something for the ToC so that it's not so boring and predictable. Maybe move it later in the year so that people take it seriously and it's not just a scrub-fest with Fishbulb taking the win each year.
mthead said…
apparently mountain top finishes don't bring in adequate revenue. The cities pay for the finish to be in their locale. Sorry guys, money talks. If there ever is a finish up high we'll know the race has made it.
Great video Chris,
Average cadence = 89 RPM
How fast was he going on that 22% grade??
and congrats on the latest numbers. good stuff! Ride the stationery bike in atlanta for god's sake...
Chris O'Keefe said…
Just did 50 mins at hotel on stationary bike. Not too bad