Devil Mountain Double is Chock-Full-O- Hard Core Ultra Runners

Eric Skaden Winner American River 50
Graham Cooper Winner Western States 100
David Goggins Multiple top finishes, RAAM 2009
Kevin Sawchuck Multiple top finishes
Jasper Halekas Winner Tahoe Rim Trail 100

There is more elite talent at the DMD than 90% of the Ultra Marathons around. I am expecting to see Karl Meltzer give his standard odds of the winner of this race as he does all big ultra runs. I would love to hear what these guys think of the DMD and if they consider it hard or not. I doubt any of these guys will come in first, as a specialist is bound to win it, but it will be great to see if they can crack the top 10.

At this rate, I am expecting to see Karnazes, Dean or Jurek, Scott in the DMD sign up list.

My training is going great as I have 700 miles for March with 42,000 feet of climbing. All systems go.


mthead said…
would be good to know how much biking vs cycling they do. I want to do death ride and then focus on a fall marathon, what do the experts think?
Chris O'Keefe said…
My guess is that these ultra guys are pretty good cross trainers, but focus on running. I could be wrong. Halekas was top 5 in DMD last year, so who knows. I found running made me a better biker, but not the opposite. I bet I would be miserable running as I have stopped for now to focus on this years riding.
Lee said…
...and don't forget to Troy Howard. He's finished 2nd at Angeles Crest 100 the last two years. I think his DMD finish time was just over 13 hours. And Michael Cook, a veteran ultra-runner preparing to compete in RAAM. Amazing!
Chris O'Keefe said…
I saw Michael Cook out there and saw his RAAM story online. Amazing. I would guess based on his performance and history he should do really well.