Devil Mountain Double 5 weeks out

My plan is to hit 3 times the mileage and climbing of DMD between March 1st and race day. As of today I have ridden 245.6 miles and climbed 12320 feet since the 1st of March. This is 39.55% of the miles and 22.2 % of climbing. I feel great and am confident that a good time is going to happen. I am going to try and keep my off bike time to under one hour. Based on my analysis of DMD times on their website, one hour of off time is rarely done. The average person in the band I am modeling for my time (15-16 hour finishes) was off the bike 1:15. I do not see anybody who was off the bike for less than an hour, however Franz Kelsch was able to do the ride in 15:32 with 1:01 off the bike. Based on what I can gather from his riding and what I know about him from Granger, he is a strong rider and climber. I think I will tattoo his times on my arm to try and stick within a reasonable gap from him. I received some 1 Liter bike bottles today in the mail. I have never seen them before, but they look like a great option to avoid the camelbak. I will not be rolling with a camelbak on DMD unless its going to be above 90 degrees. These liter bottles should be a great addition.

I also got the RAAM 2008 DVD in the mail today and it was a good production. While the race was a Jure Robic blow out, it was fun watching the video. I am a sucker for RAAM videos of any kind, though. Its hard for me not to like it. Will have to try and give it a better review later on.

DMD Analysis