Coast Ride Time Trial

Was a bit tired from traveling to Atlanta and decided to take some time to do a fast coast ride. My stretch goal was to break 3:45 and hit 16 MPH for the ride. I started off pretty fast hitting the right on Arastradero in 18 minutes. I hit the base of OLH in 38 minutes which surprised me as it was much quicker than normal. I tried to keep the heart rate around 165 for OLH and summited in about 23 minutes at 1:01 total time. It was windy on the descent of 84 and I had to battle hard to break 1:40 at the San Gregorio store, but I did manage to do it. I only hit 33 MPH on the descent of Hwy 1 due to wind. I hit 2 hours after Lobitos Cut-Off and pushed moderately hard up the steep pitches of Tunitas Creek. I road hard at the top when the road flattens out and topped out in 2:40 or so. The descent of Kings was uneventful and I managed to break 3 hours to Roberts market. Now it was an all out ride to see how fast I could do it. Painful windy pulls one after another went by and I finished in 3:31 and averaged 16.4 MPH for 5000 feet of climbing. By far a record for me. Was one of those days on the bike when everything felt good. I must be peaking too early for DMD as I wish the damn ride was tomorrow. 4 weeks to go.

I think I feel like dancing now....!


mthead said…
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mthead said…
Nice job Chris, don't worry about peaking yet, just work on your speed so you have some legs to ride of the front of the group at DMD.
Love the Chuck Barris, cocaine-fueled gong Show video. He must've been in between CIA missions at the time.
nrmrvrk said…
Nice ride. You're just getting stronger. You should think about joining Alto Velo if you can stand it, see if you can show up to some of their rides and make them suffer.