25 goat ride?

25 Goat Route

Harwood Santa Rosa 565 1
Aztec Ridge 960 2
BlackBerry Hill 950 3
Shannon/Kennedy 790 4
Soda Springs 2400 5
MonteVina 1700 6
Bohlman on Orbit 2337 7
Black Road 1780 8
Overlook in Los Gatos 680 9
Peach Hill/Ojai 990 10
Reynolds off of Hicks 661 11
Hicks W 1120 12
Umunuh 910 13
Hicks East 1050 14
Via Santa Teresa/Scenic 640 15
Bailey/Buffalo Hill 530 16
Metcalf 1033 17
Aborn 815 18
Chaboya near Quimby 545 19
Quimby East 545 20
Quimby West 1700 21
Mt. Pleasant 440 22
Clayton 840 23
Suncrest 610 24
Sierra 1830 25
26421 Feet

Only 200 miles. Sounds like a lot of fun. Who is in? Seems like a nice way to spice up that little aneurysm in your life. How about challenging the obsessive compulsive gremlin in your head that keeps telling you to quit riding and become fat and happy? What better way to show that gremlin your not giving up? I am sure this is no better morally or spiritually than eating 50 hotdogs in 12 minutes, nor will it make you a better person. Any demons you face will not be real, nor will any spiritual gain be of any long term value.


Mike Deitchman said…
Okay, you're officially nutz! =)

When are you thinking of doing this? I'm doing Solvang this coming weekend. Just an easy warmup for the DMD in a few weeks!

Joan has also signed up for RAO, so I guess I'll see you there too. Looks like a fun course...
mthead said…
I could probably hang with you for the first 6 or so. You wouldn't want to pull through that whole thing though... If you're scheduling this let me know
Chris O'Keefe said…
Not sure when I would do it. The guy I have been training with for DMD is pretty insane and I put this put there up as a insane challenge. He wants to do Hicks back forth ten times in a row. To me, this is a way more fun way to push the wall. I figure Jason would join on this crazy ride. We might need to do this as a night ride leaving at 9:00 PM or so and finishing at 3:00 PM the next day.

Thats great your crewing RAO for Joan Mike. Look forward to seeing you up there. How is your DMD training going? Any specific goals, or just a clean finish?

Mthead, when I decide to make this 25 goat ride a go, I will let you know. I need to tweak it a bit as the bit down by Bailey looks a bit weak. Its hard to build poetry into a route like this. Maybe the poetry will come to us as we suffer, though. Not sure !
jmilliron said…
Over 26,000 ft of climbing in 200 miles? Maybe next year...
nrmrvrk said…
I would have totally been up for it if I still lived there... and was in great shape... and the family was out of town... and... and...

I like the idea but I think you could tighten it a bit. Would you be able to do any better if you replaced the S & E San Jose legs with goats on the West side of Skyline so that you don't have that dead run from Millpitas back to Willow Glen?

I like the idea of attempting multiple bounces on one hill as well though. 5X BOO with a coffee stop between runs down on Saratoga ave or something. Monotonous but fun to do once.
Chris O'Keefe said…
Agreed it needs some tightening. The Peninsula option has some merit. Could do Hwy 9, Sanborn, Pierce Mt. Eden, Redwood Gulch, Montebello, Alpine W, Old la Honda, Page Mill, Kings Mountain, Summit Springs.... Will have to work that one out.. Am thinking of this as an all night ride as training for the Hoodoo Voyager. While the Hoodoo does not have that much climbing, this might be a good way to push through a wall or two prior to it.
Mike Deitchman said…
I haven't been getting all that many hills in this year. All that Ironman training was putting a damper on my cycling. But I think I'll be okay for DMD, it's not that tough! My goal is to beat my time from last year, and maybe go under 16 hours... That may be optimistic, but I'll go for it!

My main goal for the season is The 508. I hope to get into the 33-37 hour range depending on the weather. =)
Chris O'Keefe said…
Damn. Under 16 hours is pretty tough. I would love to do that, but think it will be tough to do for me. I am putting in a lot of climbing as well to hopefully make this doable. Thats pretty agressive on the time goal for the 508. Good luck on that.