New Weight I weight under 190 for the first time since George Bush the elder was president. Clearly weight in America is an national obsession. To add my little part to this nationwide psychosis, I post my picture of my scale showing 189. I never thought I would see this. I think I hit 240-250 during my craziest over-eating period in 1998, but I would never jump on a scale at that point of my wreckless maniacal eating. I did drop below this during the PCT of 1995 when I froze my ass off on Red's Pass and spent 2 plus days with a soaking wet sleeping bag in a white-out in late October, but that was a temporary drop. This time, its for real. I managed to make an ex world bi-athlon champ, George Pierce, suffer today on Old La Honda for 2/3 of the climb. I was holding sub 20 pace for 2+ miles of the ride but ended up with lead legs and had to stop and slap myself in the face to keep going. George ended up taking off and finishing way ahead, but it was fun pushing the pace insanely. Ended up finishing in 22:30, but it was as nasty effort. George flew up Skyline to Page Mill and I had to kill myself to hold on to his wheel and felt like I was going to die. Good ride.


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Now you need to go ride Welch Creek to get totally dehydrated and reach your real goal of 179.