Canada Road Time Trial

Woke up feeling horrible after coming down with a cold/flu, but had a time trial to do. I loaded up the time trial bike and headed out to Woodside. This was my first time trial and I was pretty bummed it came during one of my annual flu bouts, but I had to at least give it a shot. It was a standing start with one of the volunteers holding the bike up as I took off. I was surprised to hit 32-33 MPH on the mild descent right off the bat towards Edgewood Road. So far so good. I was making ok progress and realized I had no gas in the can for the hills as I dropped below 20 and suffered pretty badly. The turnaround came quicker than I thought it would, but I forgot to set my computer so I had no idea what time I hit. I was passed right before the turn-around by a Sugar CRM guy who was smoking hard. The hill to Filoli was pretty rough as I found myself sitting up and climbing at 15 MPH. I tried to stick it hard to the finish and pushed myself in the red to the end. My unofficial time was 26:48 which works out to 21.74 MPH. Considering how cruddy I felt, I was ok with it. They are doing another one of these March 28th and I think I will give it a shot to see how I can do feeling stronger. I might try and borrow a time trial helmet for the next one as the majority of the riders had them. I did not want to look like a complete joke wearing one for my first TT, so I now that I know the ropes a bit, I will not be ashamed to show up with one ;) I think I can definetely break 26 feeling better and maybe even go sub 25, but this is a discipline I have not paid my dues for.


9.7 Miles
400 Feet of Climb
26:48 Unofficial
21.74 MPH


mthead said…
good job, the thought of doing a tt is pretty cool.
nrmrvrk said…
I'd love to try this some time. I'd probably have to do the Merckx division though. I can't roll with the aero wheels/bike/helmet combo.

Nice ride though.