Triple Crown Stage Race

Devil Mountain Double, Terrible Two, and Mt. Tam Double are the 3 triple crown stage race double centuries in 09 according to Granger Tam. This is great news for us in Northern CA as we wont have to travel far to experience the pain of the 3 tough doubles. I am pretty motivated to avenge my Lanterne Rouge performance of 2006. I don't see anything official yet on the Triple Crown website, but expect to very soon.


nrmrvrk said…
Granger is 0 for 1. DMD, CCD, MT Tam. Shame. It's hardly a stage race without the TT.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't give CCD another dollar of my money. Screw those idiots.
Chris O'Keefe said…
Mike Deitchman said…
What's wrong with the CCD? I thoroughly enjoyed that one last year...

You can still do the TT! =)
nrmrvrk said…
When Chris and I did the CCD in 2006 as part of the Triple Crown Stage Race it sucked. Totally hot day and 30 miles between aid stations. No extra water and nowhere out there on the course to get water. It's really hard to make 2 bottles of water last 30 miles in 100F heat. Times were somewhat slow for everyone. No ice at the aid stations, no SAG vans that I saw at the hottest part of the day. We finished about an hour after dark and got to the dinner and there was almost nothing left. Only water to drink, a little bit of pasta and that salad mix from a bag.

After riding races like DMD, Knoxville, Mt Tam, The Terrible Two and even the Davis Double with their awesome support / food / aid stations / staff, CCD was crap in comparison. Maybe it's gotten better in the last 2 years.
Mike Deitchman said…
I've only done the CCD once, and that was last year. The support was excellent. Of course, it wasn't 100 degrees either. I think it topped out around 83.

Davis last year hit 107+, and was thoroughly miserable. I had no problem making my bottles last between rest stops, but I was also spending a lot of time laying out in the shade at some of them.

Speaking of tough doubles. Any takers for the Alta Alpina double? =)
When I did CCD in 08' support was good. They even got Gatorade just because I asked.
rnmvrk- your experience with CCD was like mine with Mulholland, but with 100+ degrees and 40 miles. Sometimes they didn't even have enough water to fill my second bottle.