New Year's Ride up Mt. Hamilton

I continued along with the semi tradition of getting up early on New Years Day and riding up the tallest hill in the Bay Area, Mt. Hamilton. I had an idea of trying to challenge my best time of 1:42 set with Jason in 05 and I felt pretty good cresting over the first section that drops you past Quimby Rd. and past Joseph Grant park. I rode in thick fog until about 11 miles in where it broke. The entire bay area was covered making it look like a giant lake with the Coastal range mountains popping up on the opposite shore. I started pacing with a rider and let him go ahead. Nearer the top, I passed him again and we pushed pretty hard to the top. Ended up riding it in 1:47:45. No record, but if there was some earlier pacing going on, it might have fallen. It was a great ride. The descent of Hamilton was even worse than normal due to a ton of gravel in the road that I guess was due to the heavy snows a couple of weeks ago. I put on the heavy ski gloves which felt great on the descent. It was worth carrying them up the hill.