Bike Nirvana

Perfect day today as I took the new Scott bike out on its first test. Road with a few people from Western Wheels and Alto Velo and headed up Stevens Canyon. Most people went up Mt. Eden/Pierce, but me and two others headed up Steven's Canyon to Redwood Gulch. I had a pretty easy time up Redwood Gulch. It went by quickly and we seemed to hit hwy 9 w/o much pain. The new bike felt great on the climb. We did some quick tempo up hwy 9 to the Summit. It took about 90 minutes to get to the Summit. The descent went well on the new bike. Really comfortable, safe feeling and fast. We did some fast pacelining into Boulder Creek. The ride up Hwy 236 was beautiful. 2 guys went up China Grade, but I opted to stick to 236. The weather was too good to be true.. Not one ounce of wind on this ride. We started up Hwy 9 back to the Summit and I managed to stick with Granger who was doing some nice tempo riding at 10 MPH or so up to the summit. It was surprising to be able to hang with him. The ride back over Pierce and Mt. Eden went well.

Ride Stats
76 miles
15.0 MPH Riding
7000 feet of climbing