Woodside 50K

Finished in 5:58:44. Official Results Had a good day on the trails. Managed to keep pushing the entire time and had a little excitement at end to break 6 hrs. My two fastest miles were the last two as I realized I better high tail it in to beat the six hour mark. Duc finished his first ultra in 7:12 and also had a good day out there. I am proud of Duc for finishing his first ultramarathon. He blew off the California International Marathon to do the Woodside 50k and he finished in great style and even did a little somersault at the end! I blew off the rigid 3 run/1 walk and ran when I wanted and walked when I wanted. I ran the entire way to the 1st aid station which had an 1800 foot climb and just watched the heart rate monitor to insure I did not push too hard. I enjoyed the race a lot more not worrying about some pre-determined run/walk ratio.

The winner Keith Bechtol is a sub 30 min 10 k runner. The speed this guy came up Wunderlich was pretty insane. Looked like a 7 minute pace up hill. His overall time of 3:36 was a 7:02 pace. This run had almost 5000 feet of climbing, so that was pretty damn fast. Second place was another local fast guy I have never heard of Leor Pantilat who from what I heard at the end is running great these days. He was only a couple of minutes behind the winner. They broke the old record on this course by 40 minutes.

Will put a full report later if I can type. I took a header at mile 25 and seriously jammed my right pinkie and the next finger over. They are really swollen and hopefully not broken or badly sprained. Will ice them up and see what happens.

Scott Dunlap snapped a shot of me dropping down Wunderlich. I look like a bit disgruntled and ready to break up a bar fight. I was feeling pretty crappy at that point and it shows. This is a perfect course as the trails are soft, the climbs not too steep, the redwoods fantastic and let the perfect amount of sun in. I would recommend this to anybody wanting to jump up from the marathon into the ultra's.

Woodside 50k

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nrmrvrk said…
Congrats Chris! Solid result! Breaking the course record by 40 minutes is strong as well. The winner was only 9 minutes off of my marathon PR (which had maybe 300' of climbing) Wow.
Chris O'Keefe said…
yeah. The winner was running his 1st ultra. I guess going from sub 30 Minute 10k to jog in the forest at 7 minutes must be like taking candy from a baby. The second place guy supposedly rarely loses and is also pretty amazing. As Scott Dunlap said on his blog, these guys could put the hurt on Krupicka and Skaggs I bet. Pretty cool to see local young talent kicking ass in Ultras!
jmilliron said…
Congrats! Great report.