Hwy 9, Jamison Creek and Zayante in the Rain

Facing a long ride in the rain can cause a lot of anxiety. It is a lot easier to blow the ride off, but usually, if you can get started, the ride will end up being better than you thought it would. The climb up Hwy 9 was non eventful. The descent into Big Basin was cold and wet, but tolerable. Jamison Creek started easy as it does and kicked up into a nasty never-ending climb that surprised me in how tough it was. I had just done the Ring of Fire, and hit some tough small climbs, but Jamison was pretty brutal. It took me over 30 minutes to climb it. Comparing this to the recent Low Key Hill Climb of Jamison, I did not impress to say the least. It was pouring rain going down Empire Grade to Felton Empire road and the descent was so bone chilling cold that I could barely use my brakes. Martin and I had invaded a local shop in Felton like some marauding Hells Angels soaked to the gills. I felt bad as I left a huge puddle as well as a soaked chair as the water seemed to pour out of my shoes the entire time we sat there. The ride up Zayante was nice as it usually is after Jamison. A few intimidating ramps hit you, but you always get a nice rest to catch your breath. By that time the rain had stopped making the climb pretty enjoyable. We descended Bear Creek and Martin managed to fall going about 25 after his front tire flatted. Luckily he was not injured at all as the wet roads caused him to slide nicely. This was a great Xmas eve ride and I am very happy we took a chance to ride in the rain. As usual, it was not as bad as you I thought it might be.

76 Miles
8300 Feet of Climb