New Record for local time Trial 29:20

I have this little 10.7 mile loop that I do to test myself in my little pathetic race of truth. Sadly nobody else knows about my course so its only me that gets to break the records. I beat my old best time by 20 seconds today coming in a tad faster than 22 MPH. Considering that I used my fancy new Cervelo bike and I only pulled 20 seconds off the old record, thats pretty sad. However I did not feel I pushed that hard today and I fought a slight wind up to Foothill that slowed me down. I think I can pull at least 2 minutes off of this time once I get the hang of riding in the aero position. I really suffered on my Time bike when I set the old best so all I can say is that today was not bad.

I also got in a little ride yesterday up Kings Mountain, down 84 and up West Alpine. I got passed 3 times by solid looking older riders. Not that I think I am a bad ass and should not be passed, but it was surprising to be passed by 3 different older guys. The hardcores came out the day after thanksgiving as it the hills were socked in fog and you could barely see. I want to take on the Devil Mountain Double again in 09 and I think having this goal will force me to tackle hills this winter and not become a slovenly bum. I did this ride in 06 and suffered alot taking 18 hours or so. I would like to see if I can challenge Jason's record, but his time was pretty good.

I am having second thoughts about this Triathlon stuff, as I cant get my ass in the pool for one thing. I hate the Tri Culture from what little I know of it or can stereotype watching them on TV in their lame looking outfits. It is still on my list, however. If I had to rank what I really want to do in 09, its Race Across Oregon, Hoodoo Voyager, and then Devil Mountain Double. Right now, the Tri is lower on the list. However, I am going to continue running and riding the Aero bike. Even without Triathalon, the Aero bike is a blast to ride and I really am glad I got one.

I have the Woodside 50k next Saturday and am looking forward to it. I would like to pull out a sleeper solid performance, but I dont expect it based on my recent running experience. I have not had a good run in quite a while, yet I keep on hoping to turn the corner. Biking comes a lot easier to me than running. Ultrarunning is something I suck at so far. I have yet to crack the middle of the pack on any of my runs. I feel worse after a 25 mile run than many 200 mile rides.


nrmrvrk said…
My time for DMD06 was pretty good. Probably the best double I did. Now that you're lean and in great shape my times are all falling. What do I have left, DMD and OLH? I think you'll be very hard pressed to beat 16 hrs.

Let me know if you need crew for RAO. Depending on the time frame I should be available if you need someone.
Chris O'Keefe said…
I will definitely take up the offer for a crew for RAO. Put Jul 11-12 on your calendar ;)
nrmrvrk said…
You got it. I don't want to mess with a good team if Duc and Granger worked like a charm though.
Chris O'Keefe said…
I am going to train my ass off for this one.. If I can break 16 hrs in DMD, all bets are off for RAO. Its RAAM qualification for sure ;)