Arastradero Park into Los Trancos Trail

Arastradero & Los Trancos Trail

Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Geotagging

Finally ran a bit of the Los Trancos Trail that starts inside Palo Alto Hills Park. Seems like a great trail. I need to take the time to take this trail up into Los Trancos Reserve and Montebello Reserve.

I like the EveryTrail service. They just came out with an iPhone app that allows you to GPS tag your trip as well as geotag photos and hit a button and upload it to the Everytrail site. This is pretty cool. The only issue is that I cant imagine taking the iPhone on trail runs or bike rides for fear of messing it up. Check out the app: EveryTrail Iphone App


jmilliron said…
I got my 3G iPhone on release day and take it everywhere. Seems pretty robust so far.

I'll have to check out this app. But for GPS tracks, I've been sticking to my Garmin Edge 705. Not a bad piece of kit.
Wow...those graphs are impressive. Yea, your right about RAAM. Thanks for pin pointing that out to me. Take care in your journey's
Peace and love