Rio Del Lago 100 DNF

I gave up after 22 miles due to not being able to run well with my nasty cold. I could not keep my pulse below 150 and never seemed able to recover. By mile 22 I was fried and the thought of fighting in 90 degree heat was too much. I want to tackle another 100 next year and will make sure I dont do a 500 mile bike ride 2 weeks prior. I was really not prepared for this run and it showed. I actually intended to not run at all this morning and quit immediately. I showed up at 430 AM to retrieve my drop bags, but Norm Klein talked me out of quitting. He is incredibly motivating and told me the cold was no big deal and I might knock it out running. While that did not happen, I am glad I at least tried and did not quit right away. I am done with long runs/rides for 08, but am looking forward to a 100 mile run in 09 and potentially the Race Across Oregon.

Results It was wrecking yard in the 08 RDL. The DNF rate was very very high for this race. I think the heat (94 in Auburn) was the X factor today and it slammed all of us out there. I was really surprised at how hard the 7 miles w/o water between Rattlesnake Bar and Maidu hammered me. I did the climb up Heartbreak to Maidu waterless and it hit me really hard. I bet it just got hotter and hammered a lot of runners out there. If I do RDL next year, I will be sure to hydrate better before that nasty Cardiac. That is one nasty hill. I cant think of anything that tough around here. You can see below at mile 18 I climbed 732 feet. That is a tough little climb. I wish it was closer by to work on in training.