Hoodoo Last update

970/1008: 96.2%
46000/60000: 76.6%

I did not quite hit the goals of training mileage prior to the ride. I think I could have done it, but decided to prevent the risk of over-training and injury and not push too hard before the race. The miles have been quality as my avg speed for this 970 miles was about 16.5 mph which I think more than makes up for not hitting the goal dead on. Will be leaving for Utah tonight and hopefully getting some sleep in the car. It seems impossible to hit these events fresh as the prep work, travel, and everything else is bound to get you to the start line really tired. Oh well. I am looking for a great race. I don't want to jinx myself by putting down any times, but I think there is a good chance I can do much better in time than I did in the Furnace Creek 508 in 2006.