800.7/1038 77.1%
39840/60000 66.4%

Been having nagging knee pains on both knees this month. My average speed is almost 17 MPH with 31,000 feet of climbing but only with 600 miles which should not be knee crushing numbers. While the speed is almost 2 MPH faster than my fastest speed for any months since I have been riding, its hard for me to believe this is the culprit. I just popped my 508 tested Speedplay's on the bike and will do a couple of rides and compare and contrast. The good thing is its really a cinch to go back and forth as I dont have another pair of shoes with locked in cleat positions. Just having this option is a relief, since I know I used these exact shoes/cleats for FC 508. The only issue I see is that the Speedplay are nasty hotfoot creators which was the main reason I left them for the Look KEO's. I changed out my Keo cleats in the middle of August around the time the pain started creeping up, so its possible I messed up a bit on the placement. Knowing how these things are, its entirely possible I am just over-trained and the cleats are completely not related to the issue. However, I have learned in my job that when things are not going well measured change is better than doing nothing. At the minimum, it can offer psychological benefit. Before big events, it is really easy to overplay small pains into something much bigger than they are.