Riding in Tahoe

Hoodoo Update
539.3/1038: 51.9%
26320/60000: 43.8%

Spent some time in North Lake Tahoe area with family and got a chance to sample some of the pretty nice riding in North Lake Tahoe. The main ride took me from the house in Tahoe Donner into Truckee. I took Hwy 267 past North Star and climbed up Hwy 267 over the Brockway Summit. The climb had some 10% sections and was harder than I expected, but nothing too hard. The descent to King's Beach and Tahoe was very fast and I could imagine the hard core guys hitting 55-60. I was content at 40-45 and pulled into 7-11 for a cup of coffee. Along side those disgusting flavored cream dispensers they now have something called Stok that they freely give out with a warning of "Limit 2/ Day". Nothing gets me more excited than juicing my coffee with more caffeine so I pumped 3 Stok's into my water bottle along with the wonderful 7/11 coffee and headed along the Tahoe hwy towards Mt. Rose. I passed into Nevada and the classic Cal Neva casino and saw a lot of people stumbling out of the casino's. It was only 6:45 AM so I decided to hold off on the gambling and keep riding. I would never choose to ride around Lake Tahoe unless it was an organized event with cycling critical mass as the shoulders are not very consistent and plenty of people tow boats that seem to creep into the bike lane. After a few miles I saw the turn to hwy 431 toward the Mt. Rose summit. The climb is about 8 miles and climbs about 2400 feet to 8900 feet. It took me a little under an hour to finish this climb. Would love to take it down the other side into Nevada next time. It's a nice long spin and you never really get pushed too hard. The views to Tahoe are fantastic and you can see way into Nevada towards Reno at the top which is spectacular. I would have loved ripping down this descent back to Tahoe, but they have a pretty solid rumble strip along the side of the road making it a bit scarier than I would like. It was a great descent nonetheless and the ride back to the house was great. Managed to get in 60 miles and 6200 feet of climbing in just over 4 hours.

My preperation for Hoodoo 500 is a but below par, as I have been playing around getting aerobars set up and getting settled in which seems to have distracted me. I felt stronger at this point in my Terrible Two training. Hopefully things settle down with the Aerobars as I need to get some serious rides in the next 3 weeks pre taper. I also worry about my right knee which is showing slight soreness, but so far its just a minor soreness that I have felt before when I push it hard a few days in a row. I need to change out the Keo pedals as I cracked them and its preventing a full lock on my right pedal. I will blame the soreness on this and get it fixed asap. Look Keo's are great pedals, but the cleats crack very easily.