6 weeks to Hoodoo 500 and 8 weeks to RDL 100

228.7/1038 22% Miles
12510/60000 21% Feet: Hoodoo

95.5/200 48% Miles: Rio Del Lago

The month of August will be key for my success on the Hoodoo 500 Bike Ride and the Rio Del Lago 100 mile run. I want to get double the Hoodoo milage before the race which will be 1038 miles. Similarly, I want to get 200 miles of running/fast walking to double the Rio Del Lago milage. I started my race build-up stats during my China run/walks.

Similar to my Terrible Two build up, I will be riding into work whenever possible and adding hard hills along the way with a few night rides as well. With work travel this month and other stuff going on, I think reaching these goals will be a challenge.

I did a 50 mile night ride with a ton of rollers and small hills that were pretty fun powering up. I rode down Foothill and Alameda de Las Pulgas from Los Altos into Hillsborough. Took me less than 1:30 to hit the Starbucks in Burlingame. I climbed some steep hills in Hillsborough and then wandered back on Alameda. I really enjoy riding at night. However, there are punk kids out there who scream expletives at you pretty much at least once every night ride. Not sure what motivates kids to call you a faggot, but I don't let it bother me as much any more. I used to flip them off and yell at them, but I am beyond that now. After I had a maniac try to hit me with his car after I flipped him off, I learned these idiots are not worth your time.

I managed to get 3000 feet of climbing. I did not have a full charge on my Light and Motion bike light and lost all light the last 10 miles. Nothing like riding in the pitch black. Its pretty fun and terrifying on the pitch black sections. I managed to take a fall as well shifting from the big ring to the small on a roller on Alameda. The crank locked up and I went down pretty hard. Luckily I was not going to fast as the injuries seem to be skin deep.


Lots of Small Hills at EveryTrailMap created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging