Ultra Biathlon

Was confirmed of my entrace into the Hoodoo 500 today. With the Rio Del Lago 100 two weeks later, this will make an interesting September Ultra Biathlon to tackle. Scoping out the route for the Hoodoo, it looks very remote with about 400 miles of it above 5000 feet and a summit of 10,600+ feet to climb. Having never been to this part of the US, it should be quite a trip. I plan on doing a 6 week build up like I did the for Terrible Two for this ride which will encompass riding into work every day and adding climbs along the way. I might do the Mt. Tam Double as a training ride for Hoodoo as its pretty close to home and a great route. I plan on running in China in the next couple of weeks. I dont really know how the 100 mile run will go. I plan on surviving that thing as I dont have any expecations other than finishing in less than 30 hours.