Terrible Two Update 5

273.5/600 Miles: 45.6%
15500/48000 Feet: 32.2%

Good ride home today the long way with Los Trancos the hard way up Ramona and Old Spanish Trail. I don't know how Sean gets up these hills in a 39/23, but more power to him. I felt great today and waltzed up the steep hill easier than I have ever done it. A great portent for the Terrible Two as I had one of the best days on a bike I have ever had. I was able to crank the flats like a maniac and move up the hills on Arastradero in the big ring with out much problem. This goes to show you what commitment and a tough 7 days of riding can get you. I just have to keep it up for 10-11 more days and taper before the TT. I plan on doing a tough ride this weekend of 120/10-12K feet and a couple of nice long rides in to work in the 50 mile range before then. Need some major climbing to get to my goal of 48K, but the way I felt today, it should be doable.