Fat Cyclists

I am 5 days into this Terrible Two crash course and noticing my appetite spiking radically. After dropping into the high 180's and low 190's running and eating well, I can see how its really easy to over-eat while cycling and creep up past the 200 level again. I could see gaining all this weight back in a few months of cycling binge eating. A measly 3.5 hour ride sets my appetite on a tear where a similar run would not really cause me to over-eat. Noticing the girth of the people at my 3 ultra runs this year there was few heavy people there. I was by far one of the biggest guys there. At a typical century or double century ride, there a dozens of corpulent cyclists huffing up the hills. I am going to have to be extra vigilant to not get into the cyclist binge eating habit that comes after rides during the next 3 weeks.

After a long run of say 10-15 miles, I find that I don't really want to eat much more than if I was not working out at all, but after cycling, I can easily eat 800-1000 calories. Would be interesting to understand the science behind this. For the next 3 weeks, it will really take discipline as I the training I have to do for the Rio Del Lago 100 will be rough if I have to cart around a ton of weight.

This NY Times article goes into the differences between running and Cycling.