Terrible Two

After finishing my first 3 stages of my re-entrance into Ultra running with AR 50, Miwok 100k, and Ohlone 50k, its time to relax and recuperate. To do this, I have decided to close some unfinished business and finally finish the Terrible Two before 10:00 PM. I have less than 4 weeks to get into long distance cycling shape and finish the one double that has eluded me of an "official" finish. After finising 7 minutes after 10:00 PM in 2005 due to getting lost 1 mile from the finish I have a need to try again. The idea is to apply my ultrarunning fitness to the Terrible Two combined with a 25 pound weight loss since my last attempt in 06. I plan on riding into work for the 4 weeks leading up to the TT as well as getting in some quality climbing on the weekends. Los Trancos, Bohlman on Orbit, Page Mill, Alpine, Montebello, and other hills will be climbed in prep for this event.