Terrible Two Update

135.5/600 Miles: 22.6%
6600/48000 Feet: 13.75

Went in long again today and climbed Golden Oaks. Its a short 17.5% climb, but pretty nasty. It reminds me of the Rancheria Grade in the Terrible Two that you hit before dropping down to Hwy 1. On the way back I hit Valparaiso for the first time and rode up the steep hills of Sharon Heights. Its a nice little alternative to connect up with Sand Hill before 280. Was bonking pretty hard after this and had to get something to eat in Portola Valley.

Tomorrow its going to be an early start to nail down Montebello and either Redwood Gulch. If I was nuts I would do Bohlman on Orbit as well, but going to save this one for later in the TT build up.