Terrible Two Update 3

185/600 Miles: 30.1%
9900/48000 Feet: 20.6%

Left the house at 6 AM and worked way over to Montebello. Was pretty slow getting there compared to the past. The climb up Montebello took me 46 minutes. Nothing great, but I did not push it too hard. I could break 40 at my best in 2005/06, but considering the lack of miles in me, it was not that tough. Did Pierce/Mt. Eden and dropped into Stan's donuts to bring some donuts to my Dad. Too bad I don't eat these any more, as they looked pretty good. Ended up being a 50/3600 ride which was about what I needed. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more climbs in. Feeling pretty good, but a bit tired after 5 days in a row.