The RAAM 2006 DVD produced by Allen Larsen is a great documentary about the 06 RAAM. This was the year that introduced the short lived Enduro category, had the return of Jonathan Boyer, and he introduction of the always interesting Tinker Juarez. Lots of great interviews with RAAM legends including Jure Robic who ended up dropping out during at Wolfe Pass due to Pneumonia. I think that RAAM is one of the greatest sporting events that has limitless drama from the front runners to the back of the pack. I find it surprising that RAAM has so little following here. I had to purchase the RAAM dvd's at that Race Across America Store which had a pre 2000 lack of SSL. Being a RAAM junkie, I was willing to risk buying the DVD even without https. I am a true maniac. To think that just a generation ago, this was featured for three straight years on ABC Wide World of Sports is amazing. The interest in those who toil in obscurity for no money has waned.

Allen Larsen does a good job with his video production. Lots of good shots of riders in the western expanse and good interviews. He did not mention that Jonathan Boyer was riding this ride after being busted for child molestation. Am amazed how a 51 year old like him could win the event, but his history really makes you think twice about his heroics.

Worthy of a purchase for anybody into cycling, suffering and struggle.

4/5 stars


nrmrvrk said…
Nice review. Keep them coming!